Western Pennsylvania Garden Tractor Association

Western Pennsylvania Garden Tractor Association

Contestants shall not hold the WPGTA or event officials liable for any accident or injury (to themselves or others involved) that may occur during this event. Furthermore, WPGTA is not responsible for damage done to one's own equipment or property that may occur during this event.


AS MEMBERS of the WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA GARDEN TRACTOR ASSOCIATION, we are all responsible for SAFETY and, as such, are on the Safety Committee.

  • 1 All participants/operators must register prior to taking part in any activity and before operating any equipment on the grounds. Only registered operators/ participants will be allowed to operate any equipment.
  • 2 SPEED LIMIT: All equipment is to be operated at walking speed (less than 5 MPH or 2nd gear) when not actively involved in fieldwork.
  • 3 ONLY the operator is to be on the tractor or equipment — NO RIDERS – drivers only!!!
  • 4 No Alcohol or Mind-Altering Drugs are permitted and will not be tolerated.
  • 5 Do not Refill a HOT running tractor. Fueling is to be done in a designated area ONLY.
  • 6 Unsafe or broken tractors will NOT be allowed to plow or pull until they have been repaired to a safe working capacity.
  • 7 These Tractors and Equipment do mean a lot to the individuals that own them and respect other members' equipment.
  • 8 Any equipment left overnight is the owner's responsibility. The WPGTA and the property owner are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please secure your own equipment!!!

Please use your good common sense. We do not wish to add a lot more rules. This event is for FUN. Let's keep it that way.


All contestants enter at their own risk. The contestant shall not hold the WPTGA or event officials liable for any accidents, injury (to themselves or others), or damages to their own or others' property that may occur during the course of this event. This event is for fun, and no prize money is involved.

  • 1 All drivers must be a member of the WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA GARDEN TRACTOR ASSOCIATION (WPGTA).
  • 2 2. All tractors must be of the lawn/garden tractor variety AND MUST HAVE A WELL-CONSTRUCTED SET OF WHEELIE-BARS TO COMPETE.
  • 3 NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are permitted on the grounds. Anyone under the influence cannot be involved in any events and will be asked to leave the grounds. Obscene language will not be tolerated.
  • 4 ONLY Drivers and Officials conducting the event are permitted on the track.
  • 5 No passengers or riders are permitted on the tractors. Only one operator per machine. This will be strictly enforced.
  • 6 Drivers must be seated on the tractor at all times while on the pulling track.
  • 7 Drivers must have hands on the steering wheel at all times while actively pulling.
  • 8 Unsafe or broken tractors will not be permitted to pull until they are repaired to a safe capacity.
  • 9 The tractors must remain within the designated "in-bounds markings" on the track area when actively pulling.
  • 10 No jerking of the sled is permitted.
  • 11 Drivers must exhibit the ability to control the tractor at all times. This is to include before (while backing up to the sled), during the active pull, and after (while disconnecting from the sled).
  • 12 DURING PULL HOOK-UP and UN-HOOK, the tractor operator must position the tractor in neutral, feet positioned flat on the tractor floor boards, the tractor throttle must be placed in idle, both hands raised, and dedicate full attention to the track officials for further instructions.
  • 13 When forward movement has stopped, the pull is over.
  • 14 All rules can and will be interpreted (and or changed) at the discretion of the WPGTA track officials and the Rules Committee. Any unforeseen problems or oversights will be ruled on by the Rules Committee, with their ruling being final. We do not anticipate any problems; REMEMBER, this event is just for FUN.
  • 15 Track and Safety officials have the authority to enforce all rules as stated herein and may disqualify any tractor and or operator for any violation of the rules, unsafe operations, or unsafe conditions. All official decisions are final.